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24.May.2024 12:05 | boxy | oh noooo

22.May.2024 14:25 | boxy | follow this one simple trick for new music

listen to it on repeat until you hate it or yourself

result may vary

21.May.2024 23:36 | soc | The Burden Of Success

>Stream two of the biggest court cases in recent years and make tons of money
>Have 5 kids
>Have loving wife
>Devoted to God
>Have up and looking career ahead of ya
>Realize you've become an alcoholic degenerate and LOLcow of the year

20.May.2024 18:43 | boxy | it really hasn't hit me the severity of the situation

found out today we can't have kids. one or both of us have fertility issues. nature of the beast, life. sometimes shit just happens beyond your control for no good reason and there's nothing you could have done differently to stop it.

demoralizing to say the least

maybe adoption can be considered, but i don't know

20.May.2024 18:29 | boxy | looks like TW is having a normal one lmao


17.May.2024 22:32 | soc | PorkChop Sandwhiches

17.May.2024 17:31 | boxy | "come on boxy, be spontaneous!"

last night after sexy tiem with my wife, she says "you wanna go up to [bar] and see [friend]?" no. i don't. "come on boxy, be spontaneous" she says. so i give in. little did i realize.

we get there and order some french fries just before the kitchen closes at 10. i get a mixed drank because haha i don't have to drive [WINK]. [friend] is the bartender. she gets a phone call and it's [retard_friend] who has borrowed her car to do his laundry. at the laundromat, i assume; don't care.

he says "don't be mad.." never start a sentence with that because the odds of you not being mad when they start talking is incredibly low. "so i accidentally locked your keys in the car." she says 'how the fuck do you do that? it won't let you unless you keep them in the car for X time." [retard_friend] says "i'm sorry, i'm sorry. i'm calling a locksmith." she says 'don't let anyone touch my car until i get there at 11."

so wife and i got conscripted to do what good friends do. we drive all the way back to her house, which is just down the road from us, to get the spare key and drive all the way over to [retard_friend]'s house. funny enough, he lives less than a block from where we used to live in the city.

we go over his house and he's barred out of his fucking mind. he shoves some money into my hand and says "this is for [friend]. and this is for you." yeah fine. i try the spare key and by some luck of the gods, it opens the door and i am in.

"so where's the keys," i say looking through the center console and the floorboards. now this man is not all mentally there as it is. the xanax made it much much worse. he says "well maybe it's inside." once i'm able to start the car, wife goes "okay, let's go back up to the bar and drop off the car. [friend] and i will come back here and help [retard_friend] tear his house apart." fine by me.

i'm on the interstate maybe five miles from the bar and wife calls. "he found them." what "he found them in the bowl next to the door, where they've been the whole time." god. alright.

i get back to the bar and drop off the car.

it's like midnight at this point. for the last two weeks or so, i have been getting my sleep schedule back on track, because i'm old and can't stay up super late anymore, laying down around ten or so. i'm pissed and wired.

moral of this story:
don't let retards borrow shit unless you come to terms with them fucking it up possibly.

16.May.2024 21:41 | soc | Removing Shingles: Days Later

The job became easier, first day was the worst. Got BAD sun stroke like a weak whiteboy cause I didn't put on sun screen. About half way done now but it's been more of the weather not cooperating than anything.

16.May.2024 16:14 | boxy | good read by null (kiwi farms)

Online Censorship's Institutional Power

16.May.2024 09:39 | boxy | steve ain't having it

15.May.2024 20:11 | boxy | add a custom text bar to JF

dashboard → general → custom css

content:"TEXT GOES HERE";
border:solid #b997fc;
border-width:0 0 0 4px

{ content: "TEXT GOES HERE, but is limited to 26 chars";
font-weight: bold; position: absolute; top: 0.5em; left: 0; width: 100%; text-align: center;
.emby-tab-button { padding-top: 2.5em; }
.libraryPage { padding-top: 8.5em !important; }

13.May.2024 23:56 | boxy | JF custom bar with text


12.May.2024 15:17 | boxy | ss

every once in a while, i look up unrelated shit but it lands on subspace

found this forum post (https://forums.trenchwars.com/main/21884-the-history-of-subspace-and-tw#post21884) with a very decent history up until about 2005, when it was posted.

i had no idea jeffp gave the source to priitk

it's probably true. no one said otherwise. but it would absolutely make sense. prittk was an extremely competent coder. he was on the dev team for kazaa.

here's another ss history with some names i recognize:


[edit 3:35pm]


also check this shit out. rocketz. an AMIGA game.

12.May.2024 14:04 | boxy | vine (RIP), the more successful tiktok

11.May.2024 17:33 | soc | A Candian Patel Owns A Canadian Troon

11.May.2024 11:15 | boxy | homegrown deep south wrap

the wood street playaz were a real neighbor gang in the mid nineties in jackson ms.

10.May.2024 20:08 | boxy | CHINA NUMBA ONE

>chinese not-tarkov, arena breakout: infinite
>exfilcamper (ttv)


10.May.2024 14:19 | boxy | AK JESUS AND HIS TEAM FUCKIN DID IT

08.May.2024 08:58 | boxy | Midnight (Lunos VIP)

06.May.2024 18:02 | soc | Shingling Roof: Day 1


Aside from not sleeping and being awake since midnight, it's been drool, oh so very fucking drool. First up I hafta take the old ones off. Why oh why you say don't I just a bustin' nigga and slap more on top? Sadly it's already at 3 layers which is the legal limit and I can see why...

Fuck, even with a shingle shovel tearing up 3 layers is almost as bad as when I dig up my leech field but I was also 25 years younger. Thank God it's only one side I have to re-do since I managed to get 25% of the shingles off to bare wood.

Niggaz my heart was racing like Pdiddy chasing a 5 year old, fuck that's hard work. I guess the trick to age is that while your sperm count hits the pits, your brain seems to fire on all cylinders and I found a method where I can sit on my ass and tear those fucks up with revelte ease.

Anyway, day 1 is done, took 30 mins to clean up and another 10 to put the tarp back on.

fuck and yeah fuck you also browser, I'm leaving those spelling mistakes in, fuck.

06.May.2024 10:25 | boxy | stellar brade

it's extremely unsafe horny


06.May.2024 08:35 | boxy | helldivers fiasco

on thursday or friday last week (02/03 MAY 2024), this happened:

there was a HUGE uproar and people began review bombing their steam page, demanding refunds, and having a not democratic time. people in many countries cannot even access PSN because of their country's internet rules.

last night (sunday) at 11pm, this happened:

sony bending the knee was not on my list.

now all arrowhead has to do is fire those community managers who pulled a "YOU HAVE PHONES RIGHT" during an absolutely shitty PR situation.

but we know won't

04.May.2024 03:50 | soc | HellDivers 2 Mess

kek and I'll hafta see if I can still play since I don't have none of that PSN stuff the kids are all talking aboot.

03.May.2024 12:26 | boxy | NAS junk


02.May.2024 16:33 | boxy | bf4 is a great game*

*if you're good

and boy howdy, i am not good. i can defib dudes to 100 health and run around dropping ammo, but get me in a gunfight? naw. just leave me in the field to die.

i am, however, very good with the MAV. this little piece of RC shit can mark targets (ping), act as a mobile T-UGS, and zap equipment. sometimes setting them off.

just before the cafeteria on D, there's an area with prison cells with toilets and a bottom floor with more cells. you can blow all the walls out. next to the shitty hallway you push between E and D with the stairs on the right that go down into the cells. you'd come off the RU snowside 2nd right.


immediately you deploy the blessed MAV and fly as fast as you can from B to C. it doesn't matter if they got to the choke with grenades and tubes. get in there as fast as possible, then fly up into the ceiling. you won't last long, but you will ping a shitload of people that'll immediately pop up on radar, so your guys can make a push.

you can always go snowside. but that's boring. it's all snipers and mortars down there. you can be helpful by hugging the 3rd floor upstairs wall so you can motion sensor for your guys.

there's also another prime time MAV spot just is on RU D side. the roof is arched and there are lights hanging down. you can get up there and just chill pinging every fuckin body. it's so loud, almost nobody is looking up.

02.May.2024 10:49 | boxy | O FUC JUST DO SOMETHING AAAAAAAAAAA

02.May.2024 10:26 | boxy | many US universities have had palestine protests

this was UCLA yesterday:

they got broken up by riot police.

personally, i do not care ~at all~ about what is happening on the other side of the world. i have enough dumb shit to deal with at home.

01.May.2024 18:55 | soc | The Detractor (DSP RELATED GAME)

KEK, released on May 1 to celebrate when homeboy jerked the chicken on stream.

01.May.2024 13:18 | soc | I Tend To Agree

01.May.2024 01:01 | boxy | marcus intalex

old stuff. he "has died" in 2018. rip

30.April.2024 11:10 | boxy | dracula flow 5

30.April.2024 00:42 | soc | Petition For BooBs In Game

Or potential good shitposting to come from:

Sign the damn thing

28.April.2024 22:07 | boxy | onepeg gives another rundown

28.April.2024 12:10 | boxy | win toolbox

i may unironically purchase the exe version to go on my usb drive with all the drivers and programs

for tenbux. i've spent more on dumber shit

bought it
i want to support his team's efforts

28.April.2024 10:30 | boxy | bsg

i appreciate onepeg's dedication to the game.

if battlestate and tarkov goes tits up one day, they can always release the server code and let the players fix it lololo

27.April.2024 22:45 | soc | Thoughts on Win11 Post Install

Using Mirco-Win

1. Making the ISO can take some time, make sure both ISO's are on the same drive, takes half the time.
2. Always choose PRO version, cause we PRO 'N shiz
3. Before the initial install make sure you at least have the network driver on hand cause for some reason, it doesn't include it or strips it out of the Micro-Win version, I assume either an error on my part or does this so it doesn't phone home.
4. If you're playing around with dual or triple boots like me, make sure you unplug your other OS hard drives first so it doesn't mess up the boot sector.
5. Don't be like me and move around SATA cables cause Win11 failed hardcore on my first install cause I changed the SATA cable and I guess that messes up the address for it.
6. Making a recovery disk doesn't seem to work, not sure if it's ISO related.
7. Seems to work without any issues with Win10 and Linux on their own separate drives.
8. Process count is around 109 post install, which is pretty gud.
9. Massgrave works without any issues.

Overall, it seems to be good and being able to make your own ISO moving forward seems really cool. I'll be interested to revisit this a year from now and see what new features get added.

Windows sucks monkey balls btw.

27.April.2024 11:31 | boxy | battlestategames blew their whole fuckin torso apart



25.April.2024 17:07 | soc | A Few Notes on Winutil

1. If you don't know what are you doing, you "might" fuck up your system hardcore, like me eheheheheh :-)

2. If you're on Win10 (pir8 scum) LTSC then don't use too much cause it WILL fuck up your system as it's already a stripped down version of Win10 but using the tweaks is safe.

3. MicroWin is based, I used the 1st version of it and it worked pretty gud, will try the newest version soon on a free ssd.

4. Massgrave github + Microwin = total win

5. Dongs

25.April.2024 09:33 | boxy | BAPTAZIA

MAN v23.12



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