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24.April.2021 23:15 | toolboxio | FGC MkII

almost fully printable 9mm carbine


20.April.2021 00:41 | toolboxio | AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

19.April.2021 22:58 | toolboxio | TO THE FUCKIN MOON
past-me decided one day to mine a shitload of dogecoin

and i did

today, it's worth forty cents

tomorrow - 4/20 kek - magic will happen

15.April.2021 22:25 | toolboxio | in better news
the sillycone'd bathtub looks real good.

i thought i botched it real hard. i don't even notice the spots i fucked up.

feels good.

15.April.2021 14:51 | toolboxio | Apr 15th - Dante wasn't even supposed to be there

08.April.2021 22:36 | toolboxio | oh hey nerds
what's poppin?

so the house i'm renting was built in the 70s or 60s. it's very old. it's also the south, so the weather can change abruptly and go from decently cool to humid and miserable in a few hours.

i was workin, doin my thang and it's gotten a little toasty inside. the air conditioner has been flaking in and out for about a month; it'll be pumping out cool, refreshing air one minute and trip the breaker outside. electricity is stupid. the breaker tripped without me knowing and it got very hot all of a sudden.

the gosh dang a/c bit the dust on monday and tomorrow (friday, 4/8/2021), the refrigeration dudes are bringing by a brand new outside unit and inside attic fan. evidently, it's an all-day affair.

also, because i'm a fucking genius, i decided to re-silicone the bathtub. whoever did it last, a million years ago, did a really bad job and it had dried out into a rock. i had decided that during my lunchbreak, i'd go and be productive by removing the old sillycone and taping off the edges for dat smoooooth, perfect line bb.

chiseling that shit took very little time. all thanks to the random fuckwad that came to a party, of whom i have never seen again, and left his milwaukee fastback™ compact folding utility knife. your sacrifice will be remembered sir or madam.

i check my phone and pfffffft i've got forty-five more minutes on my lunch. i'm just gonna silicone the bathtub right now. because i'm a smart fucking guy.

i fumbled through the first tube of caulk in the gun, convinced the back of the tube blew out and home depot sold me a defective product. naw. it's just because i didn't read the instructions at all and winged it. lucky for me, i had a second tube.

what is that god awful smell

i read the label, get to the part where it says in big bold letters use in a well-ventilated area. my bathroom doesn't have an exhaust fan and the window doesn't open because the springs(?) are rusted out. it's an old house. i swiftly disregard the instructions and jam another tube into the gun. i ain't no pussy.

cut the tip at an angle, pierced the inner tube with the little pokey tool on the end of the gun (this is the part is skipped over), and began the caulking process.

god something stinks
smells like really really strong vinegar
ima put my nose in my shirt
that will fix it

it didn't fix it. it got worse the more i did. i couldn't fucking breathe and i almost passed out while finishing up. it's been six hours since i re-caulked the tub and every once in a while, i get a whiff of that shit. like when you're in a public place where the jazz cabbage is still very illegal and you catch the faintest smell and the camera slows down and pans around you like a jerry bruckheimer film..

i'm fairly positive i inhaled a lot of the toxic fumes and will get ass cancer in a few years.


anyway, here's a picture:

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