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(0) | 05.December.2019 17:47 | toolboxio | TRIPLE SIX FIVE FOUR

(0) | 05.December.2019 12:54 | toolboxio | gaems n shit
  • osu! (free) frustrating weebshit
  • median xl (free) but legit (or pirated ;) diablo 2:LoD
  • ninite(free) install/update programs all at once

(0) | 03.December.2019 11:58 | toolboxio | um excuse me

(0) | 03.December.2019 11:32 | toolboxio | HA HA WHAT A STORY ANAKIN

(0) | 03.December.2019 11:28 | toolboxio | a multitude of assfuckery
if you've been half-paying attention to crazy, conspiracy theory-level bullshit on the internet, it's obvious it has been taken over and the ones in chargeare shaping it into a sterilized, ask-no-questions environment aimed strictly towards normies. the internet used to be about sharing computer shit and flaming each other about movies and video games. now it's a dystopian hellscape of adverts and neon light in a perpetual drizzling rain nightmare.

eat the bugs and plant-meat, live in your hostel pod. take it and say nothing, you fucking pleb. you don't know how lucky you are.

if you're not mega-popular - or even if you are - on youtube, google will allow the responsibility to fall on stupid AI, or the ever-ominous ᗩ ᒪ G O ᖇ I T ᕼ ᗰ,to terminate your channel; you're not allowed to question it or even be guaranteed a response at all. it was there one day and BZZT it's gone. all your hard work and trust in the google machine, subservient to pennies per view for advertisements.

don't complain, you don't know how good you have it.

twitch is another media giant as well. originally, they were a video game "Let's Play" site with audience interaction. now it's chaturbate-lite. if you're a pretty lady with an acumen for showing off your 𝓐 𝓢 𝓢 𝓔 𝓣 𝓢.. sweaty nerds with credit cards will clamber over each other for a digital crumb of pucci. this is a fact. twitch mods will hand out bans arbitrarily and seemingly at random for questionable reasons; it's however the unpaid intern feels at any given moment when the request slides across their desk.

if your name is Alintyor Amouranth, you can get away with almost fucking anything. paymoneywubby got banned for dubious reasons; no answer given, no reason given, fucking ghosted in emails. twitch is being run into the ground by their moderation team. as Charlie puts it "Twitch Mods Have Created a Platform of Fear and Toxicity." indeed. it's becoming more and more evident that it is not even worth the trouble to contribute on these toxic ass platforms if a channel deletion or ban is just one accidental click or phrase away.

a lot of it started when the daily stormer and/or alex jones got yeeted off the internet. it was a massive slippery slope. now nobody seemingly gives a fuck and everything is a surprise. it's no surprise, it's clown world crazy.

i forget where i was going with all this.

(0) | 02.December.2019 19:49 | pinklady | Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

(0) | 02.December.2019 18:07 | toolboxio | this fukken site
shoutbox works
shitposting works
image upload works
coranto works
WYSIWYG editor works
code and directories are a mess
img works
stuff works
public ftp works


(0) | 02.December.2019 11:51 | toolboxio | E RECTIN A DISPENSER, I TELL U HWAT

(0) | 02.December.2019 09:51 | toolboxio | LOL test

lmao does this work

i guess so

(0) | 01.December.2019 05:37 | toolboxio | today is world AIDS day

(0) | 29.November.2019 18:01 | toolboxio | ayo like hol up scoob

(0) | 29.November.2019 15:55 | wiggles | your mom

(0) | 29.November.2019 02:09 | toolboxio | O shit

(0) | 23.November.2019 03:54 | toolboxio | god who'd wanna be such an asshole

(0) | 20.November.2019 14:08 | toolboxio | youtube shitposting does work

so if you just want to post a single youtube video, it works. it will only accept ONE video, though.

had to implement an IF/ELSE statement:

<If: Field: CustomField_yt>
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/<Field: CustomField_yt>" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
<If: Else>
<Field: Text>

had to create a custom News Field and made it exactly eleven characters, because the characters after watch?v= is exact. added the above into the main news style where the normal <Field: Text> goes.

if there's something within the YT block, post that, otherwise, post the news text.

(if you post BOTH the YT link AND text, only the YT video will post. be warned.)

it works, but badly. it was a gigantic pain in the ass to figure out, so please don't break it. there is a contingency plan if it doesn't work. you can still embed iframes within a post like normal. multiple if you want.

if someone is still using coranto in this day and age, wewlad. the forums are closed and trial/error'ing this is some bullshit.

also, another downside to the pseudo yt parser - there's no edit function for the link. if it's wrong, it will likely break something. so, again, be warned. you may just have to delete the post entirely.

the absolute, sure-fire way to make sure it doesn't break shit is to use the EMBED copy/paste option from within youtube's share option.

(0) | 20.November.2019 13:49 | toolboxio | now what happens when you post both

(0) | 20.November.2019 13:49 | toolboxio | just poastin shit
again just posting

(0) | 20.November.2019 13:48 | toolboxio | RoTC ep 489

(0) | 20.November.2019 13:33 | toolboxio | butters
just postin shit

(0) | 20.November.2019 11:49 | toolboxio | trench wars has always been, and will always be, shit
TRENCH WARS - [NEW] Community-Driven Silence Program

in september, a forum for a long-dead game i used to play obsessively, implemented a "COMMUNITY-DRIVEN SILENCE PROGRAM" to dissuade people from shitting up public chat. there was always a super easy way of ignoring people who were making themselves an annoyance: ?ignore playername

it worked just fine since forever. if that particular person was super annoying, or private messaging you bullshit, you'd create a text file in the game's main directory (ignore.txt) and add that person's name. now every time you log in, that person is ignored.


"How about you stop talking and then it would be less necessary."


take into consideration, however, subspace is over 20 years old at this point

this shouldn't be an issue
the tools to curb bullshit were given out freely years and years ago
too simple
how about you stop talking
and then it would be less necessary


>bbbut censorship is from muh gubment

get the fuck outta here with all that

(0) | 19.November.2019 23:11 | toolboxio | 为香港市民提供武器
Marvel Revolver Hong Kong Model (3D Print Kit Gun)


(0) | 19.November.2019 22:44 | toolboxio | youtube parsing is too hard
i don't fuckin understand it

embed works and is like an extra step.

also more bad news:

tagwall is out of the question because php and https don't mix.

(0) | 19.November.2019 18:07 | toolboxio | comments work
fuckin amazingly they work. counter works too. thanks to aero-soul, parahead, and co.

still going to have to edit up the template so it doesn't show literally everything like IP address and all.

it works.

use LWP::Simple;
$iSayCounter = get("http://SITE.COM/coranto/iSay_GetCommentCount.cgi?ID=$newsid");

<Field: iSayCounter>

if get( comes back with an error of 500, you can't use it with HTTPS

https causes a lot of errors, apparently

(0) | 19.November.2019 16:11 | toolboxio | coranto

(2) | 19.November.2019 11:38 | toolboxio | soundcloud

(0) | 19.November.2019 11:19 | toolboxio | demoscene shit
every once in a while, i get a wild hair up my ass to get back into tracking. it's a fun, ~HUGE~ waste of time. my buddy linked me to a vid with hoffman mixing .mod files raw, like a dj. shit's wild.

this got me somewhat excited. i thought, surely, the tracker music scene was dead. untrue. especially not the amiga/c64 scene.

PT-1210 Mk1 Protracker Digital Turntable

um excuse me


there are a couple amiga emulators. FS-UAE and winUAE, respectively. but apparently the hardware was wildly successful in eu/jp, so much there's an abundance of old hardware you can get on ebay for next to nothing. there's also a lot of places that sell aftermarket shit like IDE to usb converters and SD card replacements for the 3.5 floppy. some of it requires soldering knowledge, a lot doesn't. there's even standalone versions, but i'm sure they are out of this world expensive. really neat shit, regardless.

we owned an amiga500 when i was a wee lad. i didn't get into computers until i was like 12 or 13, tho. by then, i had moved onto x86 PCs. unfortunately, the us didn't have a huge scene like the eu/jp.

(0) | 13.November.2019 10:41 | toolboxio | does anyone even read this shit?
i barely do

perhaps i will turn it into a PLEX thing like all the kool kids do

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